Refinery CC-Maurice Fitzgibbon Memorial Open

Tournament is likely to have started in 1974. Limited information is available.


Started 26 August
Schedule – 8 rounds, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Standings after 4 rounds:
1. A. McCarthy 4.0
2=7. P. Short (+ 1 adj), C. Quigley (+ 1 adj), M. O’Shea, L Roche, J. Moloney, T. O’Leary 3.0


1=2. Anthony McCarthy, Kevin James 6.0/7
(James won play-off)
3. B. Desmond 5.5


1. Anthony McCarthy 6.0/6
2. Colm Quigley 5.0
3=5. T. O’Leary, K. James, K. O’Shea 4.0


1. Anthony McCarthy 5.5/6
2. C. O’Shaughnessy 5.0


Starting 22 August
Schedule – one game per week

1=2. L. Roche, Anthony McCarthy 5.0/6
(Roche awarded title on tie-break)
3=4. D. Mortell, T. O’Leary 4.5
5=6. J. Quigley, K. Desmond 4.0
7. M. Kennedy 3.5


Metropole Hotel, Cork
31 October-2 November

1. Philip Short 5.0/5
2. C. Russell 4.0
3. P. Dillon 3.5


Cork Bridge Club
6-8 November


Cork Bridge Club
19-21 November


Grosvenor Hotel
18-20 November


Cork Bridge Club
16-17 November

1. Mel Kennedy 4.5/5


Cork Bridge Club
22-23 November

1. Peter Sheehan 5.0/5
2. Colm Quigley 4.5
3. Finbarr Allison (and possibly one other player) 4.0


Cork Bridge Club
14-16 November

1. Martin Crichton 4.5/5
2=3. Philip Short, P.J. Rea 4.0

11 responses to “Refinery CC-Maurice Fitzgibbon Memorial Open

  1. Martin Crichton

    Cork Bridge Club
    14-16 November
    1. Martin Crichton 4.5/5
    2-3. Philip Short, P.J. Rea 4/5

  2. Thanks Martin. That’s a nice win to have on your palmares. Details now added above.

  3. 1985, Mel Kennedy scored 4.5/5, so I guess I came first 🙂

  4. Thanks Mel, result now added above.

  5. Martin Crichton

    1986. The winner was a local schoolboy, Peter Sheehan. I don’t know his final score from 5 points but I remember playing that year and Peter was a big surprise winner as he was only rated about 1500.

  6. Martin Crichton

    Cork Bridge Club
    22-23 November
    1st Peter Sheehan. 5 / 5
    2nd Colm Quigley 4.5 / 5

    Peter, a local schoolboy, was a big surprise winner as he was only rated about 1500…second placed Colm Quigley had an ICU rating of 2118. Quigley beat me in the last round so I finished down the field on 3.5 points that year.

  7. Martin, thanks for the two comments on the 1986 event. This page is starting to look a lot better because of the help from you and Mel.

    • martin c

      Hi David another minor bit of info re the 1986 event

      3rd place would definately have been have been Finbarr Allison on 4/5 and possibly 1 other

      The top two boards in the final round were

      Board 1. Sheehan v Allison (not sure of the colours) both on 4 points and

      Board 2. Crichton v Quigley both on 3.5 points




  8. Martin Crichton

    Hi David,
    I have consulted some old score books and have some dates for you but little else I’m afraid) 1982 event took place (Cork Bridge club?) 19th-21st November
    1983 event took place from 18th – 20th November (Cork Bridge club?) (I finished on 4/5 and still outside of the placings!)

  9. Martin Crichton

    1983 Grosvenor hotel…just seen it above…and the dates but at least I can corroborate the dates!

  10. Martin, thanks again for your help on the 1982 and 1983 events. My information related to previews of the two tournaments so I’m grateful for the confirmation that they actually took place.

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