Irish Open

The Irish Open has normally been played at Easter in Dublin. The first reference to an “Irish Open” seems to come from 1972 [J.J. Walsh in the Irish Times], but the event seems to be the continuation of an earlier annual event simply described as the “Dublin Easter tournament.”  The Myles Farrington Memorials of 1966 (held over the August Bank Holiday weekend) and 1967 (held over Easter) and the Whitsun tournaments of 1966 (held in the Four Courts Hotel, Dublin) and 1967 may well have been the catalyst for the establishment of a regular major open event at Easter.  At times the precise title given to the event in later years (eg the late 1970s) also obscures whether it was in fact the Irish Open.


“Dublin Easter Tournament” [BCM]
Four Courts Hotel
Thursday 11-Monday 15 April

1=3. W. Heidenfeld, M. F. Littleton, J. Gibson 5.5/7
4=5. P. Henry, D. A. Watt 5.0
6=10. E. A. Keogh, P. Cassidy, D. N. L. Levy, J. L. Moles, K. O’Riordan 4.5
(32 competitors)


“….held at the Four Courts Hotel, Dublin, over the Easter weekend….” [BCM]
“Dublin Open Easter Chess Championship [Walsh, IT]
Thursday 3-Monday 7 April

1. J. L. Moles 6.0/7
2. R. Byrne 5.5
3=5. E. A. Keogh, J. Murray, C. Egan 5.0
6=8. P. Henry, H. MacGrillen, W. Heidenfeld 4.5
9=17.  N. Kerins, M. F. Littleton, J. Gibson, J. Doyle, D. de Loughrey, D. Cox, J. Cummins, P. J. Murphy, M. Lohan
(36 competitors)


“Dublin Easter Tournament” Four Courts Hotel [BCM]
“Dublin Open Easter Chess Championship [Walsh, IT]
Thursday 26-Monday 30 April

1. John Moles 5.5/7
2=6. W. Heidenfeld, H. MacGrillen, P. Henry, A. Coldrick, Stephen Meyler 5.5
7=8. E. Keogh, J. Murray 4.5
(32 competitors)


“Dublin Open Easter Tournament” [Walsh, IT]
Ierne clubrooms, 12 Parnell Square
Thursday 8-Monday 12 April

1. Hugh MacGrillen 6.0/7
2=5. W. Heidenfeld, P. Henry, E. Keogh, N. Patterson 5.5
6. J.L. Moles 5.0
(48 competitors)


Still referred to as the “Dublin Easter Tournament” [BCM] but J.J. Walsh in the Irish Times announces this to be the Irish Open and that it replaces the Dublin Easter tournament.
Clarence Hotel, Wellington Quay
Thursday 30 March-Monday 3 April

1=2. H. MacGrillen, J. Moles 6.0/7
3=4. G. McCurdy, J. Murray 5,5
5=9. R. Byrne, Daniels, Heidenfeld, Keogh, Pye 5.0
(59 competitors)


Crofton Airport Hotel, Whitehall
Easter weekend

1. Bernard Kernan 6.0/7
2=3. Tony Doyle, Maurice Kennefick 5.5
4=5. R. Cassidy, P. O Briain 5.0
(49 competitors)


“The ‘lower’ group, the traditional Irish Open Easter tournament ….” [BCM] was played at the same time as an 8 player all-play-all won by Hans Joachim Hecht. Congress sponsored by the Irish Times newspaper.
Burlington Hotel
Thursday 11-Monday 15 April

1=2. John Murray, Ray Byrne 6.0/7
3. Gerry McCurdy 5.5


No event held, probably due to the running of the Dundrum International Open, which finished on St. Patrick’s Day


No event held, probably due to the running of the Dundrum International Open, which was held at Easter.


Dublin Easter Congress [BCM, Walsh IT]
Dundrum Community School, Ballinteer

1=2. B. Kernan, P. Delaney 6.0/7
3. D. Dunne 5.5
4=7. E. Keogh, T. Harding, C. O’Hare, D. Healy
8=. i.a. A. Ludgate, M. Littleton, P. Henry 4.5


Irish Life Easter Congress Open [Walsh IT]
Irish Life Irish Open [ISN]
Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street
Friday 24-Monday 27 March

1=5. Paul Henry, Adrian McDaid, Michael Littleton, Colm Barry, Philip Short (Littleton won trophy on tie-break) 5.5/7


Dublin Easter Open
Friday 13-Monday 16 April
Ballinteer Community Centre

1. T. Clarke 5.5
2=4. A. McCarthy, B. Palmer, M. Smyth 5.0
5. J. Noone 4.5


Bank of Ireland sponsored Irish Open
St Paul’s College, Raheny
4-7 April

1=2. Eugene Curtin, Sean Coffey 6.0/7
3=4. Jan Bollevski (Yugoslavia), Adrian McDaid 5.5
5=8. Paul Delaney, Keith Allen, Tom Clarke, John Kennedy 5.0
(74 competitors)


Irish Open
O’Brien Institute, Fairview
Friday 17-Monday 20 April

1=2. P. Delaney, J. Delaney 5.0
3=6. S. Coffey, A. McCarthy, E. O’Reilly, P. Short 4.5
7=10. W. Collins, T. Doyle, P. Henry, C. O’Connell 4.0
(43 competitors)


Irish Open
De la Salle School, Raheny Road, Kilbarrack
Friday 9-Monday 12 April

1=4. S. Coffey, P. Wallace, A. Doyle, E. O’Reilly 5.0/6 (46 players)


Irish Open
Friday 1-Monday 4 April
De la Salle School, Raheny Road, Kilbarrack

1. E. O’Reilly 5.5/6
2=3. Tim.Harding, Guy Lyons 5.0
4=6. Colm Barry, John Delaney, Philip Short 4.5
(50 players)


Irish Open
Friday 20-Monday 23 April
De La Salle School, Raheny Road, Kilbarrack

1. C.A. Barry 5.5/6
2. C. O’Shaughnessy 5.0/6
3=5. M. O’Brien, D. Salter, G. O’Connell 4.5
(39 players)


Irish Open
Ard Scoil Ris, Griffith Avenue, Malahide Road, Marino

1=3. T. Clarke, E. Curtin and C. Barry 5.0/6
(Clarke won title on tie-break)
4=5. J. Delaney, C. O’Shaughnessy


Ard Scoil Ris, Griffith Avenue, Malahide Road, Marino
29-31 March

1=2. John Delaney, Diarmuid Simpson 5.0/6
3=4. T. Clarke, R. O’Donovan 4.5
(38 competitors)


18-20 April

1=2. D. Dunne, G. O’Connell 5.0
3=6. C. Barry, S. Le Blancq (Jersey), P. Short, K. Hynes 4.5
(43 competitors)


“Irish Millennium Open”
Mansion House, Dublin
2-4 April

1. Colm Daly 5.5/6
2=3. David Dunne, Colm Barry 5.0
4=6. John Delaney, Eddie O’Reilly, Gerry O’Connell 4.5
(46 competitors)


1. C. Daly 5.5/6
2. S. Brady 5.0
3. G. O’Connell 4.5


1. Colm Daly


Played at the same time as Telecom Eireann Open
Irish Open
Gresham Hotel

1=3. Eddie O’Reilly, Kieran Greer, Fergal O’Dwyer 5.5/6
4=6. E. McMahon, J. Killane, K. Butler


Telecom Eireann Irish Open

1. Alexander Shabalov 5.5/6
2. Julian Hodgson 5.0
3=7. Jesper Hall, Francois Marchand, Daniel King, Colm Barry, Mel  Kennedy 4.5
8=11. Stephen Brady, Conor O’Shaughnessy, Roger Beckett, Gerard O’Connell  4.0
12=22. Joseph Ryan, Charles Adelman, Mark Quinn, Adrian Gillen, Colm Daly, Pat Reynolds, John Hurley, Patrick Carton, Thomas Clarke, Niall Carton, Philip Short 3.5
23=35. Jim McCarthy, Mairead O’Siochru, Roger De Coverly, Brian Gallagher, Cormac Brady, Alan Peart, Paul Keeney,  Kieran Greer, Stephen Morris, Bernard Palmer, Hugh Cummins, Anthony Fox, Walter Buchanan 3.0
36=48. Eamon Keogh, Fred Armstrong, Brian Kelly, Kieran Moynihan, Stephen Gillen, Michael Waters, Mohamed Taher, John Aherne, John O’Keefe, Colm Buckley, Paddy Maguidhir,  Andrew Wright, Eddie O’Connor 2.5
49=51. Colm Fitzpatrick, Kevin Butler, John Crowley 1.5
52=54. Paul  Carey, Kieran Coughlan, William Burke 1.0/6


Played at the same time as the Dublin World Championship Zonal

Zonal Weekender
1=3. IM Alexander Baburin, WGM Ketevan Arakhamia, Kevin O’Connell 5.0/6
4. Jonathan O’Connor

Easter Weekender
1=2. IM Alexander Baburin, WGM Ketevan Arakhamia
3. Richard O’Donovan


No information available


 A complicated system in which there was an International all-play-all and 2 weekenders. A game from Round 3 of the International counted as Round 1 of the first weekender and Round 9 of the International counted as round 1 of the second weekender

Easter weekender [probably the second weekender]
(Dublin Festival)
15-17 April

1=6. Colm Daly, Danny King, Alexander Baburin, Joe Ryan, Mark Quinn. John Donaldson 5.0/6


No information available


1. Eric McMahon 6.0/6
2=3. Brian Galligan, Christian Fitzmaurice 5.0


Played at the same time as the LCU Challengers, two FIDE-rated 10-player all-play-alls
Easter Major Open
10-12 April

1. Daire McMahon 5.5/6,
2. Michael Delaney 5,
3=5. Liam Porter, Martin Olsson, Sam Collins 4.5


Irish Closed Championship played at Easter


Irish Closed Championship played at Easter


Irish Open/Leinster Championships
Teachers Club Dublin
14-16 April 2001

1=2. Daire McMahon, Colm Daly 4.5/6
3=4. Joe Ryan, Mark Quinn 4.0
5=8. Alejandro Pla, Mel O’ Cinneide, Ray O’ Rourke, Ivan Llorens 3.5
9. David Path 2.5
10=12. Ciaran Quinn, Stephen Jablon, Eric Bennett 2.0
13. Simon Jeffares 1.5
14. Brian Fitzpatrick 1.0


No event held


Irish Open/Leinster Championships
Teachers Club, Parnell Square
Easter weekend 19-21 April

1. Stephen Brady 5.0/6
2. Daly Colm 4.5
3=4. Joe Ryan, Mel O Cinneide 4.0
5=7. Daire McMahon, Ciaran Quinn, Pat Reynolds 3.5
8. Miroslav Pinc 3.0
9=13. Eric Bennett, Richard O’ Donovan, Simon Jeffares, Karl McPhillips, John Loughran 2.0
14. Kevin Butler 1.0

2004 to date

In 2004 the Irish “Closed” Championship became an “open” event for the first time, with the best placed Irish qualified player taking the title of Irish champion. Until 2012 the Closed and Open Irish Championships were therefore effectively played as a single event.

In 2013 the Irish Championship reverted to being a closed event. Perhaps the Irish Open will be revived? In 2012 and 2013 its Easter slot was occupied by the strong e2e4 Dublin International.


4 responses to “Irish Open

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  2. Colm Daly

    1990 Was won for a third year in a row by well, COLM DALY! Oh, and I am pretty sure that the 2004 Irish Championships was NOT in Limerick but rather ENNIS!

  3. Thanks Colm. I’ve added in your 1990 win above. It’s particularly good of you to take the time when you are currently competing in the Irish Championships in Ennis. However, I’m going to have to disagree with you about the 2004 Championship also being held in Ennis – it was held at the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel in Castletroy, which is, I believe, in the suburbs of Limerick. I suppose it could be argued that it’s outside Limerick City proper (never having been to Limerick I’ll leave that to others more qualified to rule on).

  4. Colm Daly

    Funny thing is that I checked few hours ago with the Arbiter Gerry Graham and I was just wrong. You were spot on. Apologies for that. I jumped the gun and was sure it had been in Ennis. Not sure why I was so certain exactly, but yeah when I asked Gerry straight away he told me that it was the Kilmurry Lodge Hotel in Castletroy.

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