West of Ireland

Played from 1976 until probably 1980. It appears to  have been held always in Galway.


1st West of Ireland Congress
Sponsored by Bank of Ireland
Eglington Hotel, Salthill, Galway
21-23 May

1=4. John Gibson, E. Hall, Eamon Keogh, Alan Ludgate 5.0/6
5=7. Colm Barry, J.J. Walsh, Maurice Kennefick
(50 players)


West of Ireland Championship
UCG, Galway
3-6 June

1=5. Paul Delaney, Eamon Keogh, Bernard Kernan, John Gibson, Arthur Pinkerton 5.0/6
6=7. Tim Harding, Maurice Kennefick
(66 players)


West of Ireland Open, Galway (part of Irish Championship Congress)

1. Paul Wallace 5.5/6
2. Pat McCarthy


No event due to postal strike


West of Ireland Open
Organised by Galway CC
St Patrick’s Primary School
May 31-June 2 (Whit holiday weekend)

1-2. Paul Delaney, Michael Littleton 5.5/6
3. Ann Delaney 5.0

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