O’Hanlon Memorial

J.J. O’Hanlon, 9 times Irish champion, died in 1960. This series of five tournaments in his memory were played at the Dublin Chess Club, where he had been a member.


31 August-12 October

1. Michael Ryan 7.5/9
2. J.J. Walsh 7.0
3. P.J. Murphy 5.5

Other competitors E. O’Reilly, J. Sadlier, D. Deiseach, A. Montwill, S. Gilroy, W. Lewis, T. O’Neill


18 September-13 November

1. J.J. Walsh 8.0/9
2=4. A. Dennehy, A. Montwill, M. Littleton 5.5
5=6. P.J. Murphy (2 adjourned), A. Coldrick (1 adjourned) 4.0
7. D. Deiseach (1 adjourned) 3.5
8=9. J.C. Corby (1 adjourned), D. de Loughrey (1 adjourned) 2.5
10. M. Ryan 1.0
(Results of adjourned games unknown)


In 1962 the Irish Chess Union organised an international tournament, entitled the ICU Golden Jubilee which incorporated the O’Hanlon Memorial.

However in September the Dublin Chess Club still organised an event along similar lines to the O’Hanlon Memorial.  In that event 9 players competed in all-play-all – final result unknown

Competitors were M. Littleton, B. Canton, D. Deiseach, A. Dennehy, E. Keogh, V. Lyons, K. O’Riordan, J. Sadlier, J.J. Walsh


2-30 September

1. W. Heidenfeld 7.5/9
2. R. Cassidy 7.0
3. E. Keogh 6.5
4. J.J. Walsh 5.0
5. J. Sadlier 4.5
6=7. P. Cassidy (2 adjourned), A. Dennehy (1 adjourned) 3.0
8=9. F.  McMahon, K. O’Riordan 2.5
10. D. Deiseach (1 adjourned) 1.5
(Results of adjourned games unknown but one report puts P. Cassidy on 4.0 with Dennehy and Deiseach’s scores unchanged, which suggests that P.Cassidy had won one of his two adjourned games)


20 October-1(-) November

1. W. Heidenfeld 6.0/7
2. M. Littleton 5.0
3. B. Canton 4.0
4=5. J. Sadlier, J.S. Murray 2.5
6=7. M.F. Drew, F. McMahon 2.0 (1 adjourned)
8. G. Aherne 0.0
J.J. Walsh withdrew
(Results of some further adjourned games, probably including Canton-McMahon, unknown)


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