Dublin Matchplay

Knock-out format of 4-game matches, played at Dublin Chess Club. Only three editions were played and the tournament was replaced by the Dublin Classic.


August 1970-15 March 1971

Final: David Cox tied with Kenneth O’Riordan 2.0-2.0 (====) (title shared)
Semi-finals: David Cox beat Bernard Kernan 2.5-1.5; Kenneth O’Riordan beat Martin Drew 2.5-1.5 (==1=);
Quarter-finals: David Cox beat John F. Gibson; Kenneth O’Riordan beat A. (Tony) Dennehy; Bernard Kernan beat Patrick (P.J.) Murphy 2.5-1.5; Martin Drew beat Patrick Dillon 2.5-1.5
(32 players)


August 1971-December 1971

Final: John Murray beat Jack Killane 2.5-1.5 (=1==)
Semi-finals: John Murray beat J.J. Walsh 2.5-1.5 (110=); Jack Killane beat A. (Tony) Doyle
Quarter-finals: John Murray beat Jim Murray 3.0-1.0 (0111); Jack Killane beat Ray Byrne; J.J. Walsh beat Martin Crowe 3.0-2.0 (00111); Tony Doyle beat Liam McKevitt 3.0-2.0
(16 players)


July 1972-August 1973

Final: John Murray beat Gerry McCurdy 2.5-1.5
(16 players)

The event was revived in 1981 and was still going at least until 1987. However no results are available for the second series.


3 responses to “Dublin Matchplay

  1. Gerry McCarthy

    The revived Matchplay event in 1981 was played in Tailors Hall, Christchurch, Dublin (though games were also played in the contestants’ clubs). During one of my games there the band Stocktons Wing were playing in the main hall, and I played a game against a member of the band who wandered into the chess room.
    The only result I can offer is a match vs Tony Mooney, where I lost the first and 2nd games, won the 3rd, drew the 4th: 0 0 1 1/2.

    Gerry McCarthy

    • Gerry, thanks for the interesting anecdote and extra information. Since I last posted on this tournament I have discovered a small number of results on the revived series. I’ll check where your result might fit in to the bits I have.

      • Anthony Doyle

        It is a long time ago now but I played in a big matchplay tournament in which practically all the top players participated.It was 1981 or later.There were some shock results,withdrawals and disputes.I remember just two of my matches.In the semi-final I drew 2-2 v Eugene Curtin and won the playoff match(2 halfhour games) to progress to the final v Michael Keeshan.In the final Michael won a nice game with a queen sacrafice but I won the match.The tournament was not a success-it went on for too long.Unfortunately I have no games to offer.John Gibson was one of the controllers and may have further information.Best wishes,Tony Doyle.

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