Collegians Masters

Held at Collegians Chess Club in Donnybrook, Dublin. The 1977 edition was the first ever FIDE-rated event played in Ireland.


1. Tony Doyle 5.0/7
2. John Murray 4.5
3=4. Michael Littleton, Tony Dennehy 4.0
5. John Gibson 3.5
6. Eamon Keogh 3.0
7. Ray Byrne 2.5
8. Matt O’Leary 1.5 (withdrew after 4 rounds)


1=2. Paul Henry, Bernard Kernan 6.5
3. Paul Delaney 6.0
4. David Dunne 5.0
5. Eamon Keogh 4.5
6=7. Tony Dennehy, Wolfgang Heidenfeld 4.0
8. Michael Littleton 3.5
9=10. Rolande Anderson, Denis Healy 2.5
(Tim Harding and Tony Doyle withdrew after 4 rounds, Doyle probably without playing any games and were replaced by Tony Dennehy and Denis Healy. The original schedule was for the tournament to be played between August and October 1977 at a rate of 1 game a week. With the two new players entering halfway through the event, there were a number of games still to be played at the anticipated closing date, and the event was only completed in 1978.)

2 responses to “Collegians Masters

  1. Tony Doyle

    I definitely did not play any games in this tournament.It must have been something very serious that prevented me taking up my invitation.Tony Dennehy substituted for me and achieved a fide rating. Best wishes, Tony Doyle.

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