Irish Intervarsity Championship

On Saturday 2nd April 2016 a Championship inaugurated as long ago as 1948 was revived. At University Cork 24 players competed in an Individual Intervarsity Championship won by Hugh Doyle. Keegan O’Mahoney, who finished as runner-up has a report at the ICU website. So this seems like a good time to put up a page detailing the history of  all the Inter-University Individual Championships.

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  1. Martin Crichton

    Hi David.
    There are a lot of missing years to fill in when the competition was a team competition…. I only went to a technical college and we did not have a chess team but I remember circa 1982 or 1983 visiting the UCC venue of the Lee Maltings as a spectator where there were 4 teams competing…from memory UCC (hosts) UCD, TCD and QUB… I think QUB may have won it? Keith Allen was on their team. Pat Constant was one of the main high profile organisers and controllers of chess events back then and he would have a wealth of Irish chess history information if you could locate him. Not sure if he is still around or involved in chess anymore tough.

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